When is a man ‘too big to fail’?

916 Entertainment reports that the share price of the Australian broadcaster has been hammered to a six-month low, as investors look for a return on their money.The ABC is one of the few broadcast media companies in the country to survive the crisis.In an interview with The Wall Street Journal […]

Mythical Entertainment to bring ‘The Ring’ to the big screen

MYTHICAL Entertainment is planning to debut a live-action movie based on its popular series “The Ring,” starring Robert Pattinson.The Hollywood producer announced Monday that the live-to-film movie adaptation of the HBO series, which was filmed in the early 2000s, will star the legendary actor.In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, […]

Why the weather changes when you sleep

By Stephen Molloy, Associated PressThe weather is changing when you’re awake.The sun’s rising and setting.It’s an ever-changing landscape, and for many people, it can be jarring.But it can also be quite soothing.That’s because it’s what scientists call “sleep inertia,” a property of our bodies that allows us to keep our […]

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