How to watch TV, film online at home

How to see TV, Film Online at Home with the RTE SONY Interactive Entertainment Center The SONY Entertainment Center is an online entertainment center where you can watch TV content, including movies and TV shows, in your living room or anywhere else you like.The RTE entertainment center allows you to […]

When does Roku get its own TV channel?

With a growing list of new TV channels coming to Roku, it might be hard to find a channel you’ve never heard of.Roku TV owners will soon get their first look at the new channels on the platform, which will also include channels from the likes of Hulu and Netflix.But […]

How to be a star in rural India: How to make your mark

Vivid Entertainment, the entertainment company behind films such as ‘Carpool Karaoke’, ‘The Great Khartoum’, ‘Babylon’ and ‘Mali Beach’, has set up its own small studio in a remote village in the Kutch district of Gujarat.The village of Gurdaspur, which has a population of about 1,300, has been a place of […]

Golden Globe winners at the Farmhouse!

Golden Globe nominations have been announced for 2018 and they’re pretty amazing.Here’s a rundown of the nominees.The Biggest Winner: “The Secret Life of Pets” – Best Animated Feature Film: “Inside Out” (Disney)The Biggest Loser: “Sully” (Universal)The Best Comedy/Animation: “Arrival” (Fox)The Worst Comedy/Actors: “Bobby Cannavale” (CBS)The Golden Globe nominees for 2018 […]

The Rise and Fall of Disney Animation: From The Jungle Book to Frozen, from Toy Story to Aladdin to The Little Mermaid to The Muppets, from The Princess and the Frog to Frozen to Aloha and beyond.

It’s been a rollercoaster ride for Disney animation.It was the company’s first hit in almost a decade, a hit that helped propel it into the realm of blockbuster success and made it a major player in the international entertainment industry.Then it all came crashing down.The studio was sold to private […]

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