How to make a $5,000 deal for a house in a $100 million home

CBS News has found a way to make money selling a house for a mere $5 million.

A new survey found that nearly 90% of those who are looking to sell a house are still looking to make that $5k down payment.

“It’s not like you can’t make money off it.

It’s not a free pass.

If you’re a very savvy person, you can make money from it,” said Chris Daugherty, a real estate agent and owner of Daughey Properties in Chicago.

The survey of more than 1,300 homeowners also found that just over a third said they had sold homes before.

That is, they had purchased homes in the past year and a half, but never sold them.

In fact, more than half of those surveyed said they did not think their home would ever sell for less than $5M.

“I think it’s pretty safe to say that most people are looking for a $1,000 down payment and they’re not necessarily looking to flip the house at the end of the day,” said Daugher.

The study also found a high number of people who are in the market for a new home are looking at the value of the property as a benchmark, rather than the price tag.

“That’s a big difference between those who have a home and those who don’t.

If a home is $5.5M, then if you look at the price and the value, then you’re probably more likely to get a home,” said Peter Henshaw, chief economist at Homebuilders & Builders of America.

Henshaw said there are many ways to find that $1k down, and he expects a lot of the “affordable” homes will be more of a reflection of the value that is attached to the property.

“A lot of people will see the value in their home as being lower than it actually is.

So the $5K down will be a lower number, and that’s something you can use as a baseline to look at,” said Henshaw.

The same survey also found more than a quarter of those polled were interested in buying a condo or apartment, which was another sign that the market is getting more saturated.

A recent report by real estate data company Trulia found that median selling prices for all types of homes are up over 20% in 2017.

That number is expected to continue to increase in 2018.

A few recent trends could also help keep prices down.

For example, a report from Trulia said that while home prices are up, there are signs that the quality of homes is improving.

A big trend has been for more people to buy homes that have been on the market longer, which can help reduce the amount of time a home remains on the property market.

“You’ve got this huge supply of houses, and now you’ve got some of these longer-tenured houses out there that are going to stay on the rental market longer,” said Gary Mink, president of Mink Marketing.

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