Bandai Namco Entertainment Earth Coupon – 25% off on the Golden Entertainment Earth coupon

Posted May 29, 2018 07:30:10Bandai Namcom Entertainment Earth is one of the worlds largest and most prestigious entertainment companies and a major force in the entertainment industry.

The company is based in Osaka, Japan and was established in 1997.

The Earth series is a Japanese cartoon franchise that is produced by the Shaft and the first film was released in 2007.

The series has become a cult classic in Japan, with more than 50 million copies of the series sold.

In 2020, Bandai announced it would release an anime adaptation of the Earth series.

The Earth series will be available for purchase starting on May 29 and can be purchased through a number of outlets, including Amazon, Apple App Store, Google Play, and Xbox Games Store.

A digital bundle will be announced later in the month.

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