When Apple’s Spyglass Gets the Movie Treatment

The spyglass has always been a major attraction for moviegoers, but the upcoming movie “The Phantom of the Opera” could change all that.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the upcoming thriller film “The Force Awakens” will be “the first movie ever to feature the use of the Apple Watch” as the protagonist of the film.

This means that the new movie will feature a new, all-new device to watch, and its debut will take place during the events of “The Last Jedi.”

The rumor comes as a bit of a surprise to many movie fans, as the movie has been rumored for years.

In fact, Disney CEO Bob Iger famously referred to the “Apple Watch as the most important thing we’ve ever created.”

Now, with Disney having already announced the “Star Wars” spinoff “Star Trek Beyond,” it seems like the Apple TV is going to get a huge boost in the movie business.

With “Star War” already set for release in 2019, it is expected that this upcoming film will be the first time the AppleTV will be used in the main narrative of the movie.

In addition to the rumored “TheForce Awakens” teaser, Disney also teased the upcoming film with a “Starcraft”-inspired teaser.

The rumor is that this film will follow “Rogue One,” which is set for a March 2019 release.

The film will also take place before the events in “The Empire Strikes Back,” so this could be a chance to give the “Force Awakens’ main characters an even more meaningful introduction to the world.

We will keep you updated on “The Apple TV’s” release date and the upcoming release of “Rogue 1” as soon as we have them.

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