The new plan b entertainment line, Charles Entertainment cheese, will launch on Netflix on March 7, 2018

The brand-new plan b Entertainment line, Charles Entertainment Cheese, will debut on Netflix later this month.

The new line will offer up a new selection of cheeses and other cheese products including cheese, cheese-based ice cream and cheese-related merchandise.

The line will also include a host of other products including frozen desserts, cheese and dairy products and cheeses for kids and adults alike.

The brand’s cheeses include the Charles Cheese Cheeses, Charley Cheese, Charle Cheese Creamery, Charleys Cheese & Ice Cream, Charly Cheese Ice Cream and Charley’s Dairy & Cheese.

It will be the first new brand of its kind in Canada.

It’s expected that the brand’s line of cheese products will be available to consumers in March.

The Canadian-owned brand has been making headlines in recent months with its cheeses including the Charley Chocolate Bar, Charlier Chocolate Bar and Charlier Cheese, among others.