‘Pixar’ film to include ‘Bachelor’ star’s ‘crazy’ rant

Paramount Pictures has been working on a feature film based on the viral viral YouTube video of a Bachelor contestant who accused her fiancé of cheating on her.

The movie will feature a “bonding episode” with Bachelor star and former Bachelor contestant Anna Kendrick, according to Deadline.

The project, called The Bachelor: Anna Kendrick & Friends, will be directed by Steven Spielberg and stars Kendrick as a bachelor-loving, aspiring actress in the film.

The Bachelor, based on reality television, is based on a reality show that aired in 2015.

The reality show featured a slew of celebrity contestants including Anna Kendrick and Nick Viall, who became the first openly gay Bachelor contestant in history.

“The Bachelor” is produced by the company’s former “Bachelor” producer, Mark Burnett.

Kendrick was previously dating rapper Snoop Dogg.

“We were all so excited for this project,” said Kendrick, who was nominated for the best female actor in a film at the 2016 Oscars.

“I’m so happy to be a part of something that brings all of my friends and family together.

I’m very excited for all of the great people that are involved in this film.”

Kendrick’s casting in the “Bachelorette” movie comes as “The Bacheloretts” continues to gain popularity on social media, with fans tweeting her name and asking to be included in the movie.

“So excited for Anna Kendrick to be the lead in the #BachelorMovie, which I’ve been waiting for for so long.

I can’t wait to meet her and share her adventures with the world,” tweeted actress Kaitlyn Bristowe, who played Elsa.

“Anna Kendrick & The Bachelorettes: A Bachelors Wedding” will hit theaters in May 2018.