What are the supercharged music genres?

The supercharged genre refers to music composed and recorded with advanced digital technologies such as the Apple Music Music streaming service, Pandora and Spotify.

The supercharged genres include: music that has been mastered and compressed, high-resolution sound, and music that is digitally enhanced, making it even more of a physical phenomenon.

It is a subcategory of music that plays differently than the regular music genre, and is often more danceable and fun to listen to.

While the term supercharged is often associated with the music industry, its also an umbrella term for all genres.

There are more than 200 supercharged musical genres, according to Billboard, which tracks music and entertainment content globally.

They include electronic music, folk, pop, hip-hop, country, hip hop, R&b, rap, electronic dance music, classical music, indie rock, jazz, country music, hiphop, pop and R&B.

Pop culture magazine Billboard has compiled a list of the most popular supercharged artists and genres in the U.S. and Canada.

The top 100 performers in each category are listed below.

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