Christopher Martin, Hollywood producer, to be honored at the Hollywood Film Festival

On February 5, 2018, Christopher Martin will be recognized at the 2018 Hollywood Film and Television Festival.

He will be honored with a Lifetime Achievement Award at the award ceremony and will receive a $1,000 cash award from the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce. 

Christopher Martin, who is the head of The Motion Picture Group at Universal Pictures, is the first recipient of the Lifetime Achievement award since Bob Rafelson in 2012.

The award was created in 2013 to recognize the “creative achievement and excellence of leading film and television professionals.”

It is currently given out annually to the top 10 most valuable performers in Hollywood.

Martin’s accomplishments at Universal include creating the animated film Aladdin, and writing and directing the film The Lion King, as well as directing and starring in the live-action television series The Lion Guard.

The Lionguard received a Peabody Award for Best Animated Feature at the 2017 Golden Globes and earned four nominations for Best Television Series and a nomination for Best Achievement in Television.

His most recent film, The Lion Man, is a critically acclaimed animated film that was released in 2017. 

Martin earned his BFA from the University of Southern California.

He is a regular contributor to Entertainment Weekly and has been a producer and producer on ABC’s The Bachelor.

He also has produced several TV series including the ABC drama series The Bachelor, The Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise.