When you’re not watching, watch some Broadway musicals

A new musical based on Broadway’s Corner Entertainment Center has been added to the Disney Channel lineup.

The show, directed by Jonathan Littman, follows the life of the Broadway company’s president, who turns his life into a musical and his musical into a hit.

“Candy and Me” is the latest addition to the lineup, which also includes a new musical called “The Wedding.”

“It’s the kind of show that has the potential to make the entertainment industry a little more accessible to all audiences,” said Kristina Smith, who oversees Disney Channel programming for the Walt Disney Company.

“The Corner’s music has always been a part of the culture, and now we’re seeing it on our channels, and it’s a part that people can enjoy.”

“Candy & Me” follows the lives of two performers, Candy and Emily, as they try to get their lives back on track after a tragic accident left them with no one to help them in their search for a way home.

The series also features a supporting cast of musical actors including Tom Hanks, Michaela Watkins, Mark Hamill and Taron Egerton.

“This is not a show that you can put down, it’s just a life that you’ve lived,” said Littmann, who also directed the hit Broadway musical “Blackbird.”

“The life that I’m living is a very unique one and it makes me appreciate life a little bit more, and I’m grateful for the opportunities that I’ve had to be able to make something that’s really special and have fun doing it.”

Disney Channel will debut “Cantonese” at the beginning of the 2017-18 season.

Disney Channel is offering the show exclusively to its customers for the first time on its service, with other channels launching in early 2018.