Microsoft is finally removing Xbox Live as a payment option for Xbox Live Gold subscribers

Posted October 24, 2018 07:53:21 Microsoft is no longer offering Xbox Live gold subscriptions as an option for new Xbox Live subscribers, with the new service’s Gold service being announced at the end of the year.

The new Xbox 360 Gold subscription will be offered to existing Gold members for $40 a year, or $150 per month for existing subscribers.

“This service is available for all Xbox Live members for the Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

Gold members are able to enjoy additional benefits such as discounts and additional features,” Microsoft said in a statement.

“With Xbox Live and Xbox Live Silver, we continue to focus on delivering value to our members, giving them access to new games, entertainment and games on demand.

Xbox Live GOLD is the only way to enjoy those benefits, and we are excited to bring this service to all Xbox One Gold and Silver members.”

Xbox LiveGold will not be available to existing Xbox Live subscriber at launch, but Microsoft has promised to make the subscription available to new members as soon as possible.

The company has been running Xbox Live in a subscription model for a while, offering Gold and Platinum subscriptions to users for $20 a month, $40 per month or $180 per month, and currently offers Gold and Gold Platinum subscriptions for $30 a month or less.

Microsoft has since changed its Gold subscription pricing to a two-month plan at $50 per month and a two month plan at up to $60 per month.

“Xbox Live GOLD members can choose to sign up for the two-year Gold subscription at any time, so they can enjoy the benefits of the Xbox Live service for two years,” Microsoft wrote in a blog post.

“When they switch to Gold, they also gain access to Xbox Live features such as live TV, online multiplayer and online game streaming.”

Xbox Play Anywhere, a new app that lets you stream games, games on mobile devices and apps on your PC or Xbox One, is available on iOS, Android and Windows 10.

Microsoft also announced that Xbox Play anywhere will be available on Android and Chrome OS this summer.

“Microsoft is proud to announce the Xbox PlayAnywhere app for iOS, Windows 10 and Android.

With Xbox Play anywhere, you can watch live TV in your home, access apps, and enjoy Xbox Live experiences from anywhere, anytime,” Microsoft explained in a post on its website.

“We look forward to expanding Xbox Play anytime and anywhere with more apps and features for you to enjoy.”

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