Sports and Entertainment Group is launching ‘Esprit Resume’ to promote esports

Sports and entertainment group Esprit Resumé is launching a new website that will make it easy for fans to submit their esports resume.

The new website,, will feature esports-related resume entries for every major sports franchise in the world, from baseball and soccer to rugby and rugby union.

Sports and media executive David Hesse said that the company was looking to broaden the esports audience beyond its existing audience of fans.

“Our esports content has evolved from a niche audience into a global audience, so we felt it was important to make it easier for them to reach out and see what they can learn,” Hesse told Business Insider.

“Esprivere is creating an online platform that will allow them to make a resume, and it will help us attract new audiences.”

Hesse added that the team had been approached by companies in esports that would help with the marketing and branding of the site.

The team’s goal is to create a resume for esports fans that can be shared on social media and shared among their family and friends.

It will also allow esports-focused media outlets to reach esports fans.

Esports-related media has grown rapidly in the past year, with sports websites like Bleacher Report covering esports, esports tournaments, and esports-themed events.

Esports is the second most popular game in the esports market, behind League of Legends.

The most popular esports-specific game, Dota 2, is still the most popular.

But with esports popularity outpacing traditional sports, many esports fans are looking for more opportunities to learn about the game.

“The way that we’re presenting esports to the public is not the same as traditional sports,” Hess said.

“In esports, it’s about a different angle.”

In the past few years, esports have become a hot topic among the gaming community, with many celebrities including Major League Gaming CEO Mark Hamill and Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella publicly supporting esports.

Some esports teams have also tried to make esports more accessible to viewers by creating their own esports channels.

The rise of esports has been met with skepticism by some in the gaming industry.

Some have criticized the new website as being too simplistic, saying that there is no way to create esports resumes.

“What’s wrong with esports resumes is that they’re not going to get anywhere in esports,” Hesesaid.

“We need a way to get more people into esports.”

For example, Hesse mentioned how one of the biggest esports tournaments in the United States, the Intel Extreme Masters (EVE), has become an important part of esports.

The event has helped the company to reach millions of esports fans and help promote esports.

“It’s the ultimate community,” Hsie said.