‘Dancing with the Stars’ stars get a bit of a makeover

A lot has been made of the ‘Dance with the Dragons’ stars coming off the show this week, including their appearance in a promo for a new book of the same name.

It also comes after their appearance on a special edition of the ABC’s Dancing with the Gods series in which they posed for a portrait and sang the praises of a few of their favourite TV shows.

RTE has revealed a number of special edition posters for Dancing with Dragons and has given each of the cast and crew a chance to speak to fans about their favourite shows.

The posters are all in-store exclusives, and there’s also a special ‘Daring Dancers’ t-shirt that will be available for sale.

Catherine, who plays the part of Queen of Hearts, will be singing the songs of her favourite shows, including The Lord of the Rings and Doctor Who.

She’ll also be appearing in the first ever ‘Danced with the Dragon’ spin-off, and she’ll be singing a new song from the show, ‘Battleship’ as well as ‘The Great War’.

The cast and crews will be joined by a number who have made a name for themselves as their own characters in the show.

The Queen of Heart and Queen of Dragons will be appearing as a new character in a special version of ‘Daredevils’ that will air later this year. 

The Daring Dancer cast and cast have been working hard on getting their own brand of specialisation.

Dancing With The Dragons has already produced a few ‘Dancer’ posters, with Catherine and Daring Dragons star Michelle Monaghan among those who’ve been featured.

Michelle Monahan will be joining the cast for a special promotional poster for the show which will also feature a special rendition of the Daring Dragon’s theme song. 

 ‘Dancing’ star Catherine is also known for her dance routines on the show and her acting skills have been recognised for years by the ABC.

The Dancing With The Dragon star has also been a fan of the show for years, so she’s likely to be in line for a role in this upcoming series. 

Dancing has been one of the most popular TV shows on television for years and there have been some exciting additions to the show in the last year.

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