The perfect place to watch and relax for the summer: The best summer TV destinations

A summer packed with great entertainment will be in full swing at some point this year, and the perfect place for a few weeks to relax is your favourite summer TV destination.

Here are some of the best options you’ll find, with plenty of different options available on a variety of different channels.

ABC News: What to do in Canberra and beyond This week, we’ll look at the best places to watch in Canberra, from the city’s most popular tourist destinations to more hidden gems.

For the past week, the ABC has been rolling out its summer travel guide, so make sure to bookmark this page for updates and the latest on the hottest summer destinations.

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There are lots of great spots to spend your summer in Canberra for many reasons, but here’s a list of some of our favourites: The Cairns Opera House.

A favourite summer destination for all types of music lovers, it’s the perfect setting for a movie night or a music-watching excursion.

For a full list of events, see our Summer Festival Schedule.

There’s plenty to do around Cairn Park, and it’s a perfect spot for family fun.

You can also rent bikes or scooters, or catch the sunset with a walk.

The Cattle Park.

This is an absolute must-visit for anyone visiting the city, but it’s also the perfect spot to enjoy a good cocktail or a quiet lunch in a serene setting.

It’s also a great place to enjoy some of Canberra’s best restaurants, including the acclaimed Bluebells in the CattlePark.

The Old Cattle Market.

This classic local market has a huge selection of fresh produce and a good selection of food and drinks, and you can also sample the local art, artisans and crafts, and meet local people.

There will be plenty to see and do, and there’s plenty of parking for bikes and scooters.

For more information on the Old Catterl Park, see the Old Market website.

If you’re heading out on a day trip, there are also many free and cheap weekend excursions, and a plethora of activities to do on the Cattern Peninsula, such as canoeing, fishing, sailing and camping.

There is also a free bike hire station in the Old City.

Cairnedge Gardens.

It might be a bit more crowded, but if you’re looking for a quieter spot to relax on the weekend, there’s something for everyone here.

The garden is a great spot for picnics, or just to catch up with family and friends, or to grab some local food.

There’ll be plenty of options to explore and soak up the city and its surrounding area.

There can be a range of activities at Cairnger Gardens, from fishing to hiking and bike riding, and of course, there is the Cairndale Community Centre, which offers free bike rentals.

For other great summer destinations, check out our list of the 50 best summer festivals in Australia.

Be prepared to spend a few extra dollars if you have a bike, but the Cavan park is a worthwhile spot for those looking for an escape.

The North Harbour is also one of Canberra, and if you want to relax, check it out if you’ve got some time.

There, you can rent a kayak, or take a boat down to the beach and enjoy the views.

The Wharf Bridge.

A popular summer spot in the city for tourists, the Wharf is also the site of many of Canberras finest cultural attractions.

The beach is surrounded by gardens and cafes, and with good restaurants to choose from, it can be an easy way to unwind for a couple of days.

You might also like to visit the North Harbour to watch the sunset.

You’ll find the harbour a great option for relaxing on a Sunday afternoon or a day at the beach, but a little extra planning can get you to the area’s best spots for the night.

A few things to keep in mind, though: The Whamperan Bridge.

This bridge spans the Great Southern Highway and is a good place to take a walk, if you prefer a quieter, quieter place.

If your destination is close by, the South Coast Path is a popular alternative.

If the weather is nice, the River Walk in the CBD will be your favourite place to explore the harbour.

The CBD can get busy during peak season, so be sure to plan ahead if you plan to spend the weekend at Cavan.

The National Museum.

If there’s no other place you’d like to enjoy the sights and sounds of the city during the summer, this is the place to be.

This museum is home to some of Australia’s most amazing collections, and offers lots of fantastic exhibitions, activities and tours.

The Museum of Indigenous Art is the best place to get your hands on a painting,