‘A lot of people were not thrilled’: Why so many kids are cancelling family parties

The kids party was a big part of the Disney-produced event.

Parents and kids were on hand for a special “party of the year” party, which included the likes of the “Little Mermaid,” “Pirates of the Caribbean,” “Beauty and the Beast,” “Cinderella” and “Cars 2.”

The family-friendly event also featured an open bar with an assortment of craft beers and wine.

(The event was free, but the event also included food, a photo booth, autographs and other giveaways.)

At the time of writing, the party has been cancelled for this year.

The Globe and Mail’s coverage of the event will be updated if the party is cancelled.

On Sunday, the Globe’s coverage also revealed that the family-centric Disney event will no longer take place in the U.S. (Disney Canada confirmed to CBC News that it is “no longer taking part in the Family Events in Canada program”).

More to come.