How to make an auto car entertainment device that makes music play automatically in the background

Car entertainment system is not the only way to get your entertainment in the car without using the phone.

We’re looking at a whole new category of device that has a car’s car’s radio in the middle of the dashboard, and it’s called a car audio system.

If you’ve ever wondered how to put an audio system into your car without having to use the phone, the answer is: It’s very easy.

Here are the steps you need to know.


Put the car audio device in the dash in a way that allows the phone to play the music without using a car radio.

To do this, you’ll need to find a way to route your car audio to the car stereo.

For example, if your car has a stereo system, the radio you use for driving should be routed to the vehicle’s car stereo so that the car can play music without having the phone play.

If your car doesn’t have a car stereo, you can route the audio to a separate volume control box on your stereo.

In some cars, the stereo system also plays music through a stereo speaker.

To use the car’s stereo, locate the volume control on the vehicle stereo and plug the car volume control into the volume pedal.

Make sure the volume switch is turned off.

Then plug the volume button into the vehicle audio system, and turn the volume knob until the car is playing music.


Plug the car car audio volume control to the volume of the car radio you have.

For some cars the volume controls are located on the dashboard.

For others, they are located in the radio bay of the vehicle.

To route your audio to your car stereo: Plug the vehicle car volume button to the radio in front of you.

Plug a phone into the car speakers.

Plug an iPod or iPhone into the iPod or phone jack of the radio.

Plug headphones into the stereo speaker and plug them into the speaker.

Plug speakers into the audio volume pedal on the car dash.

Plug stereo speakers into your stereo speaker in front and speakers into stereo speakers in back.

Plug volume control buttons to the rear and volume control switches to the front.

Plug car stereo volume control boxes into your radio and phone volume control outlets.

Plug all speaker cables into your vehicle stereo.

Plug and play.


Use the car phone to send the car music to the phone and audio volume controls to your vehicle volume control and volume dial switches.

For more tips on getting your car music into your dashboard, read the Car Audio section of this article.


Set the car as your default music source.

When your car is connected to the Internet, you need a way for the phone or other sources to play music automatically without needing to use your phone.

This is where the car comes in.

You’ll need a music source that’s already plugged into your phone, and a car music system that has an auto radio in a car.

To get the car to play your music, the music source needs to be a phone or a car phone.

In most cases, a phone is the easiest way to set up your car’s auto radio.

If the phone you use has a phone radio, set the car Bluetooth setting to “Auto” and set the radio to your default phone’s phone radio.

For older cars, you may need to use a car Bluetooth module.

The most common way to setup your car Bluetooth radio is with a radio chip.

The easiest way is to use an iPhone, iPod or other Bluetooth-enabled phone.

Set up your phone as your radio source.

Connect the phone directly to the Bluetooth module using the radio chip’s Lightning connector.

You can then set the phone as the default phone music source and control the car system using the volume dial on the phone’s radio.


Make the car play the car radios radio.

Connect your car radio to the device you want to play audio through.

You may need a car volume dial switch to route the car-radio audio to its appropriate volume control.

For a car-phone stereo, the volume on the radio’s volume dial will be turned up to 10, and the volume will be set to 10 on the volume ring.

If a phone has an audio volume dial, the phone should be set as the volume you want.

Then you can use the volume volume dial to route car-audio from the car speaker to the stereo.

Make a note of the volume for your phone’s volume control, so you can adjust it as needed.


Set car volume controls.

The car volume switches on your car dash are also the volume buttons on the phones volume dials.

Set your car volume buttons to their correct positions.

For the car sound system, put your car speakers on the stereo volume buttons.

Set a car speaker volume control switch to the correct position on the speaker volume dial.

Plug in headphones and plug in the phone volume buttons in the speakers.

Then put headphones in your car.

Set phone volume dial as your car speaker level.


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