‘Empire of the Sun’ star ‘Equality’ star Michael Cera has ‘very high’ sex life

Michael Cadaverous, the Oscar-nominated actor and comedian who stars in the upcoming film Equality, is “very high” in his sex life, the actor told a radio station.

“It’s just like I said, I don’t have the same expectations as everyone else.

I just want to be happy,” Cadavers said.

“I think I’m happy when I’m having fun, that’s why I like going to the gym, I love cooking, I like making things for people.”

The Oscar-winning actor, who played the father-of-two father of three in the 2004 film, said he has “some of the most fulfilling relationships of my life,” but said he’s not “in the mood” to go on dates.

He also revealed that his fiancee, actress-director Michelle Williams, has a “high sex drive” but that she’s not interested in having sex with him.

Cadaves sex life has been under scrutiny since his public comments about women in the gay community.

The actor has said that gay men are “the real enemy of society,” and has recently been criticized for a series of comments in which he said that it was “unfair” to blame men for gay rights issues.

The comments, which came after a recent speech in which Cadavens appeared to condone pedophilia, were widely criticized by gay and lesbian rights groups and led to the actor’s resignation from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences in April.

“The problem is, people want to talk about gay men and women,” he said.