What we know about the new movie ‘A Christmas Carol’

With Christmas just over the horizon, we know a lot more about the movie adaptation of the beloved Christmas classic.

A few key details about the film have leaked in recent days, and now we’ve got some exclusive new details.

Director Michael Showalter has confirmed that the film will star a woman, which is a first for the adaptation.

The film’s director has said that she will be played by actress Toni Collette.

Collette’s character, Mrs. Claus, is the first female character to be played in the classic Christmas story.

Her first appearance in the movie was in the 1958 film The Merry Widow (which was shot by the original director, Charles Burnett).

Collette played Mrs. Gertrude in the 1954 classic.

Colleen is the only woman who appears in the original version of the story.

Collette, who was born in Texas and raised in Tennessee, has said in interviews that she wanted to make a movie about a family that was the embodiment of the holiday.

The film’s producers have said that they wanted to focus on the story of the Christmas Carol, which was inspired by the novel by Thomas Wolfe.

Colleen, who had a son named Robert, was born to a family of Jewish immigrants in the early 1800s.

Collec, who also is the daughter of an immigrant from Poland, grew up in a town called New Haven, Connecticut, where she was raised.

Collec’s parents were Jewish immigrants, and her father, Charles, was a preacher in a small church that also had a Jewish congregation.

Collett was raised in a religious household in the city, and as a child, she loved to read.

She said she read all the time, and she would often dress up in costumes.

Collett said that as a young girl, she wanted a Christmas tree and would go to her grandmother’s house to make the arrangements.

Collet said she was inspired to create a story about a young boy who was a “realist,” and that her father believed the holiday should be celebrated in a Christian way.

Collete’s story, however, wasn’t about Christmas.

She says that it was about the family and the love that was built up during the Holocaust, and about the Jewish people in America.

Colleton is the third female actor to be cast in the film.

She is playing a woman named Annie Mancini, who played the wife of the town priest in the book The Merry Wife.

Mancini is a widow who becomes a member of the clergy in the town of New Haven.

Mancinis father is Jewish.

Mannin was born and raised with a disability.

Her mother died when she was just three years old, and Mannin’s father was a Holocaust survivor.

After the war, Mannin and her mother moved to New Haven and worked as prostitutes.

Mannin later went on to make her first movie, A Christmas Carol.

The movie tells the story about the Christmas tree that is built for Annie Mancheys family and is decorated with gifts from strangers.

The Christmas tree was designed by sculptor Frank Lloyd Wright, and was designed to symbolize love.

The ornament has an inscription that says, “Love is the spice of life.”

The Christmas ornament has also been inscribed with the words “love is the greatest weapon.”

Mancinas mother was killed in the Holocaust.