Apple and Samsung set to unveil next-generation Apple TV 4K set-top box

Updated May 29, 2019 07:54:48Apple and Samsung have been working on a new 4K-ready set-tops for Apple TV, and the first two versions will be unveiled this week.

The first Apple TV-based 4K device, dubbed the Apple TV 2, will be released this summer.

The second Apple TV model, dubbed Apple TV 3, will arrive this fall.

Apple announced that the next version of its Apple TV set-up is set to launch in July.

Samsung, meanwhile, will debut its next-gen Samsung 4K Ultra HD TV set on June 22, 2018.

The Samsung 4:4K UltraHD set-thru will be a 4K TV that supports 4K streaming video at 60 frames per second, 4K HDR content at 60 fps, and an enhanced picture quality of up to 3,200 x 1,800 pixels (4K HDR).

It will be available in the U.S. and Canada and will cost $199.99 (about $220 in the UK).

It’ll also include an external monitor.