When ‘Resurgence’ Gets Its Own Trailer—And Its Own Streaming Site

The second installment of the rebooted “Resurgance” is finally here.

The trailer is below. 

As the title implies, the film is set in the future, but the future doesn’t necessarily look like the one in “Resurrect,” which is about a young man (James Franco) who has been stranded on an alien planet for a year, and the alien inhabitants, with whom he has a complicated relationship.

The film stars Michael Peña as the lead, the kind of “resurgence” character you’ll see in any reboot, but it’s a bit different.

The alien characters are mostly aliens with human traits, and that’s about it.

The aliens are mostly human, and have all sorts of human characteristics. 

Instead of trying to make the film as similar to the first “Resurrection” as possible, New York magazine’s Chris D. Smith has decided to rework the story and make the movie in a new way. 

In a blog post for his website, Smith wrote, “I’ve made this movie as a re-imagining of the original ‘Resurrexit’ that was the basis for a recent TV miniseries that is now available to stream on Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.

I’ve been playing around with some new elements to the story, which includes an alien who looks like Iggy Pop, and a female warrior who appears to be an anthropomorphic alien creature called ‘The Black Queen,’ who is played by a female actress. 

And the film looks very different.

I took a lot of liberties with the look of the characters, the way they are framed, and their accents. 

The ‘resurrection’ theme is the perfect fit for a movie about a new-age warrior who is the embodiment of the spirit of a fallen civilization, who is now a leader of a new world order. 

I think Iggy’s voice is a big influence on my approach to the character.

I felt he was a lot like an archetypal rock star, with a kind of rock ‘n’ roll persona that was a little more hipster and more of a pop singer.

I wanted to make a movie that was very similar to what ‘Resurrection’ was, and with the same style. 

Like ‘Reso,’ ‘Resume,’ and ‘Respeccanello,’ ‘The Resurgence,’ like all of the films in the franchise, is a sort of rehash of the classic sci-fi films of the 1950s and 1960s.

The original movie grossed $2.1 million in theaters and $1.5 million internationally, but “Resumptures” is expected to come out this summer. “

Resurgances” was released in 2009, and it had a disappointing release in theaters.

The original movie grossed $2.1 million in theaters and $1.5 million internationally, but “Resumptures” is expected to come out this summer. 

You can watch the trailer below.

The movie is set to be released on Netflix on August 31, 2019.