The Latest on The Amazing World of Pets

The Disney Parks Blog is reporting that the Animal Kingdom’s “Family Entertainment Center” will be open to the public on December 15.

The facility is located at the top of the Main Street Electrical Parade and features an indoor Disney Animal Kingdom Animal Hospital.

According to the Blog, guests will be able to experience “family entertainment in an exciting new experience” featuring a “Family Animation Workshop” featuring live Disney Animal Stories, as well as a children’s area and “animatronics-based entertainment.”

The Blog says guests will also be able enjoy the Animal Hospital at the Animal Park, which is now undergoing renovation.

The “Family Adventure” is the same experience that was showcased during the 2016 Disney Imagineering Celebration in Orlando.

This time around, the Animal Adventure Center will also include a “family-friendly entertainment experience,” including a “play area with interactive displays, a play area with a mini water slide and a special guest attraction.”

For those who are interested in seeing the new Family Entertainment Center, the Blog says they will be arriving in December and the refurbished Animal Hospital will be opened to the general public on January 14.