Jellyfish entertainment at Woodnites Entertainment

Woodnizes Entertainment will be bringing its signature Jellyfish music and live entertainment to the new venue in North Bend.

The venue will feature an open bar, a DJ booth, and a stage.

“The venue will have live music and more of the Jellyfish sounds of old.

I’m excited to welcome Jellyfish to the Woodnistas,” said Woodnizia’s founder, John Woodnills.

“We are looking forward to welcoming the music and sounds of Jellyfish in the North Bend community.”

Jellyfish Entertainment has been a popular event for Woodnies since the venue opened in 2013.

The company has had a steady stream of customers, many of whom are new to the festival circuit.

The show is a popular and well-received one, but the company’s attendance has dwindled to the point that they are forced to cancel events.

Woodn’s entertainment plans will be more of a collaboration with the new owners, as they have a connection with a number of Jellyfishes in the area.

“They are so talented, so passionate about the Jellyfish experience, and the new owner of the venue will be a great addition to the JellyFish family,” said Bob Woodnstein, Woodnisms new CEO.

“It’s been a dream of mine for years to bring Jellyfish into the Woodnuts family and we can’t wait to share our love for the music, sounds and fun of JellyFishes in our community.”

The new venue will also feature a full bar and DJ booth.