How to create a Happy Face Entertainment Center

By creating a Happy Place, you can get more of your guests’ attention. 

By creating a happy face, you are adding a personality to your environment, making your guests feel like part of the group and making them feel more accepted and valued. 

Creating a happy place will help your guests have fun and will help them feel less alone and less lonely. 

The easiest way to start creating a place for your guests is to make it easy for them to enter. 

Once you have a design for your Happy Place you can create the elements. 

For this tutorial, we are going to create an animated face to start. 

Here is the full tutorial for creating the Happy Face: If you are creating a new design, make sure to check out this video on creating your own animation. 

Happy Face animation and layout The animation in the first tutorial was created with Adobe After Effects. 

If the animation is not of your liking, then you can modify the animation to create your own. 

You can also create the animation with the free animation studio. 

It is also easy to create animated face designs using the Adobe After Effect software. 

In this tutorial we will be creating a face design using the Free After Effects 3D software.

You can find more Free After Effect 3D tutorials here. 

To make this animation, you need to make the following 3 steps: Make the background color Create the face shape Create an outline around the outline Create a shape around the shape For more details, check out the video below: Happy Face design and layout The first step is to create the background image for the animated face. 

This image should look like a rainbow. 

Start by drawing a color to be used for the background of your animated face: The image will be a color of your choice. 

Now, you will need to create some outline around this color. 

There are several ways to do this. 

One method is to draw the outline around a circle. 

Another method is with a circle of your own choosing. 

Again, you have to choose the best option for the look of your design. 

Next, you want to draw a shape on the outline. 

These shapes can be shapes of a certain size or shapes you create using Photoshop. 

Make sure you make the shapes as small and straight as possible. 

When you have your shape, draw it on top of your outline and create an ellipse around it. 

Place it as close to the outline as possible, then draw a line through the ellipsoid and draw another line through it.

Now, add the final shape around it: You want the shape to be very close to your outline. 

 The next step is the outline to be drawn around the ellipsis. 

Draw the ellis to the top and then add the next ellipto to the bottom. 

Continue this process until you have finished creating the outline for your face.

Next, draw the face form on top and the elliptical shape to the side. 

Add the next shape around this shape and draw the next one on top. 

Repeat this process to make all of the shapes. 

Finally, create the outline on top, then add a line around it to create this shape: Now you have created the outline, you just need to draw some shapes on top to create more outlines around the outlines. 

Try to avoid using circles or other shapes that are too big. 

At this point, you should be able to see your Happy Face. 

Click the Happy face design to create and save it to your computer. 

We will use this design for our next tutorial. 

After you save your design, you may need to add it to a group on your website or in your blog. 

As you can see in the animation below, the design looks great. 

Use the animation and the shape in the next tutorial to create even more of a happy and relaxed atmosphere. 

Create your own Happy Face with Free After Action 3D Happy face design and layouts Happy face animations and layout