How to make a classic Mickey Mouse Christmas movie with the new Star Wars films

Mickey Mouse, the iconic animated character from the popular children’s cartoon Star Wars, has become the latest celebrity to receive the official blessing to use the film as a Christmas song.

The movie star, who is an avid Star Wars fan, has already signed on to perform in several of the films, including the new animated film Star Wars: The Force Awakens, in December.

The move follows a new film, Disney’s Coco, which stars Anna Kendrick and Emma Watson, which will be released in the UK and Ireland on December 14.

The original Mickey Mouse is now being re-imagined as a star in Disney’s upcoming film Coco, a remake of the 1970s film, which is being directed by John Francis Daley.

Disney’s Coco is set to be released on December 13.

“Disney is thrilled to collaborate with Disney’s talented artists and filmmakers to reimagine Mickey Mouse,” said Aline Brosh McKenna, CEO of Disney Entertainment.

“We are thrilled to work with Disney on a Disney-inspired Christmas celebration and hope that this new Disney Coco film will inspire countless families to take part in the holiday spirit.”

For decades, Mickey has inspired millions of families around the world and millions more to celebrate with him and all of the things he has touched,” she added.

Disney will use its global network of studios, including Walt Disney Studios and Lucasfilm, to create new animated films based on Disney characters.

Disney owns the film rights to all of Disney’s movies.”

As the most popular animated character of all time, Mickey Mouse has become a star of global interest,” said Mark Hamill, the actor who voiced Mickey Mouse in the original Star Wars.”

Our goal with the Mickey Mouse films is to bring back the magic of his characters and give the world the opportunity to see their stories from a new and exciting perspective,” Hamill said.