How to be a star in rural India: How to make your mark

Vivid Entertainment, the entertainment company behind films such as ‘Carpool Karaoke’, ‘The Great Khartoum’, ‘Babylon’ and ‘Mali Beach’, has set up its own small studio in a remote village in the Kutch district of Gujarat.

The village of Gurdaspur, which has a population of about 1,300, has been a place of pilgrimage for generations.

There are a number of movie studios in the region, but none in the village, said Vinod Mehta, president and managing director of Vivid.

“It is a place where people come to watch the film.

So we wanted to make it ours,” he said.

In a typical month, the village has a total of 10 films, but the production team is working to create an entertainment centre.

The village also has a cinema, a concert hall and a theatre.

There is a swimming pool, a cinema and an auditorium.

A local artist, Shishir Bhatia, who has worked on several films, said the film team was keen to create a village-based entertainment center.

“A film studio in the area has always been a dream for us,” he told The Hindu.

“We are working to ensure the production of good films in the valley.

We want to make the people of this village proud,” he added.