Disney Parks and Resorts CEO: ‘We’re in a new era’

Disney CEO Bob Iger is calling the company’s transformation “a new era” and saying the company will continue to innovate to meet its audience’s needs.

Iger told CNBC on Thursday that Disney has become a company that is “at the forefront of innovation, creativity and opportunity for people around the world.”

“We have a long way to go, but the new era is a new beginning,” Iger said.

“The people that will come here and see our park experiences, and see the incredible entertainment that we’re bringing to people are going to be the same people that come here to see the new Walt Disney World.”

Iger also told CNBC that the company continues to be proud of its role in helping shape the evolution of entertainment and is proud of the company that it has built over the past decade.

I was here at Disney World in 2009, and the company has been here every step of the way.

That is the strength of Disney, Iger added.

I know that we are a great company, and we have the best people in the world to do that.