Why is there no Big Bang Theory on BBC2?

The BBC2 hit show has been forced to axe its big-screen adaptation of the cult classic sci-fi book, Big Bang.

The show will now air exclusively on BBC iPlayer.

The Big Bang theory has a cult following and a worldwide following that has spawned several film adaptations.

BBC2 chief executive and director of content Chris Eliopoulos said: “It’s the perfect time for us to start exploring the world of Big Bang, and to introduce audiences to the world around us.”

I am so proud of the work we have done so far and the tremendous interest the show has generated, and we’re determined to continue to build upon that excitement for the fans and for the industry.

“We know it is a great honour for BBC2 to bring a new generation of Big Finish fans to the Big Bang universe.”

And it’s also the perfect opportunity to showcase Big Bang as a unique, exciting, and original entertainment experience.

“There are no easy answers about where we’ll take the show next, but we’re looking forward to the discussion.”BBC2 has confirmed the show will be cancelled.

BBC3 has been approached about a potential adaptation.