Google ‘finally’ has an iPhone app: News

Google announced an iOS app for its remote control feature.

The company announced the new app, which allows users to control their Android phone or tablet remotely via the Google remote app.

The remote control app is powered by Google’s TensorFlow, which is built on the open source OpenCV library.

It can be used to control devices like phones, tablets and TVs.

The new app is currently available for the iPhone and iPad, and it is available on the Play Store for Android.

While the app is not an official Google product, Google did make a number of other Android devices that can be controlled remotely.

For example, it is possible to use Android devices to control Google’s Chromecast, an upcoming smart TV box.

The Chromecast uses Bluetooth, and a remote control is required to operate it.

The remote control for Google’s remote control apps has been under development for years.

The new app has been built with the support of the OpenCV Open Source project, which has been helping Google to open up the source code for the open-source machine learning library.